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What You Need to Know About Cam Model JayeLovely

The world of cam models is growing bigger and bigger every day. In the beginning, people did not take it as a career. Some people even thought it was weird. However, in recent years things have changed drastically and a lot of people are venturing into it.

take it as a career. Some people even thought it was weird. However, in recent years things have changed drastically and a lot of people are venturing into it.

A lot of girls in college are paying their bills as cam models. Due to the increased number of models, it has become a bit difficult finding the right one. The one that can make a show you will always remember. Today we will talk about a model that has been taking the cam sites with a storm of late. Her user name is JayeLovely.

About JayeLovely

Jaye is a cam model from the United States of America. She is 26 years old and she is of black ethnicity. She has not been in the game for a long time but she is already making a name for herself. She has profiles in the top cam sites so finding her is quite easy. However, if you like brunette cam girls, you can also check it out on different sites.

Jaye works on platforms such as Charturbate and Myfreecams among others. She has brown eyes and her hair is black. If you like slim girls, Jaye is the girl for you. She just weighs 113 pounds and has a height of 64 inches. The perfect body features.

jaye lovely

She is a petite hot girl that anyone can enjoy. She has some small tits so if that’s your taste, that’s the girl for you. Her perfect smile is addictive. She has a very nice ass and she is very friendly. Most of the people who have enjoyed her shows have a lot of good things to say about her.

JayeLovely’s Personal Life

Jaye is a simple girl living a simple life. She only smokes herb and she is not a drunkard. She drinks occasionally though. You know, when necessary. She is still a student but a professional model. She is studying clinical psychology and sex therapy. From what she is studying, you can already she is a pro.

She is a cat lover just like most of us. It does not mean she hates dogs though. She enjoys Japanese and Mexican food the most. She did not disclose her favorite models. The meaning of life to her is to have fun, spread love and be herself. From her view of life, you can tell she is an intelligent girl.

Her hobbies are simple. She loves reading novels and watching movies. Speaking of movies, she is a big fan of horror movies and science fiction. She is a fan of Stephen King. She loves his novels as well as the movies adapted from them. Jaye is also a fan of 2 fish by Jhene Aiko.  She is also a great music listener. Her favorite genre is R&B, alternative and hip hop.

Jaye is an adventurist and she loves traveling when she is not performing. She believes traveling around makes one wiser. Which is true by the way. She is also a big fan of tattoos and gaming. Big fan of PS games. When asked about her talent, she said it is putting a smile on her fans’ faces.

Jaye’s soulmate is someone sweet and open-minded. He should also be passionate, intelligent and funny. So if you have these qualities you may have a chance. A secret, try taking her to a museum then dinner after that. That’s her perfect date. Jaye believes that she is like no one you have ever met before. Her shows will blow you away.

Jaye’s Schedule

If you are a user of Myfreecams, this is her schedule on the platform.

  • On Monday she is always online. From 9 in the morning to noon (USA time)
  • On Tuesdays, you will need to leave a message to find out. She might be online or not.
  • On Wednesdays, she is always online from 9 AM to 12 noon.
  • On Thursdays, she is online from 9 PM to 12 PM.
  • On Fridays, she is always online from 9 AM to 12 noon.
  • She is sometimes online on Saturdays. From 8 in the morning to noon.
  • She does not work on Sundays.

You can also purchase some of her videos at a very affordable price. They range from 4 to 10 dollars. The videos are available from manyvids.com. The videos are on a discounted price, hurry up before it lasts. Find her on Live Jasmin, Charturbate, ImLive, and Myfreecams. Her user name is JayeLovely on all the platforms. Enjoy!

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